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Enjo Kouhai 5 Preview


Coming soon: 2022/03/25

Enjo Kouhai ○○交配  ** Kouhai  ○○交配 第五話 内気な彼女は人魚の歌姫  Assisted Mating

The ark school which was chosen as a model case of a school with different families.
The newly introduced student was Erio, one of the most popular Mermaid idol groups.
Elio who was loved by classmate in lovely appearance and shy attitude, and immediately solved.
However, she had a certain problem.
Elio said that the characteristic of the tribe called mermaid was that the body would soon become masculine.
“I’ve been transferred in order to cooperate with my coach…”
Developing body.
Swollen breasts and delicate hip.
Elio who presses “Yeo Yoo” in the pupil with the prejudice.
It is a bearer teacher who shields with sexual desire and ethics, but cannot be refused…
A mermaid’s song is stained in his consciousness.
It is a mermaid idol over the popularity of A.
With a transparent voice peculiar to Mermaid, your takt also fortissimo

Years: 2022
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