Código 18 US § 2257

Código 18 US § 2257

This site does not publish neither primary nor secondary content of the website.

Please enter the website that is the content provider as we respect the possessor of all the records were uploaded on the site in accordance with 18 USC 2257.

All the content submitted on this website is designed for adults. We provide an option of uploading photos and videos that other website visitors have the possibility to watch.

The policy of the website admits downloading differently available on our website content that was mentioned above.

We cannot be 100% sure that the rules of our website are respected by visitors, but from our side, we are doing the best we can. Here are listed the website strategy that helps guarantee the rules are followed: The requirement to be not less than 18 years old to be able to upload content that will be submitted on the website.

While using the uploading function, users should present the verification they are over 18 years old, also to provide proof that all the performers on uploaded videos are not underage. Confirmation of the ownership of uploading a video or the license for the legal distribution of given material. To ask questions about the website please fill in the DMCA form on our website.

Also, we present such a function as flagging of content that in your opinion cannot be published on the website. Any piece of content that you think is illicit, offensive, or aggressive will be immediately eliminated.