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Inkou Kyoushi no Saimin Seikatsu Shidouroku 2 Preview

Inkou Kyoushi no Saimin Seikatsu Shidouroku
Inkou Kyoushi no Saimin Seikatsu Shidouroku

Story: The life guidance teacher who got the “Sei-Katsu Guidance Notebook that allows you to keep the other person’s feelings” puts female students on poisonous fangs one after another.

Yayoi Tachibana, a daughter of the tea ceremony Iemoto in Kyoto, who is an onapet girl who makes men unconsciously erect with her graceful demeanor, elegant Kyoto dialect, and her grown ass. She licked her tongue to break through her virgin membrane with her daughter-in-law.

Uchi, I want that person’s baby … Please give me a child, Yosan …!

Inkou Kyoushi no Saimin Seikatsu Shidouroku  OVA淫行教師の催眠セイ活指導録 #1 藤宮恵編

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Years: 2022
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