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Usamimi Bouken-tan Sekuhara Shinagara Sekai o Sukue 4 Preview


Coming soon: 2022/03/26

Usamimi Bouken-tan: Sekuhara Shinagara Sekai o Sukue うさみみボウケンタン~セクハラしながら世界を救え~ 第三話 刺激的な街にご用心!勇者のモテ期と世界の真実


The brave man who knows the truth of the world and knows his real function.
The death of the brave cannot be changed even if he meets the king.
Before the future of despair, imagine the future he might have been.
This is what you said
Did she spend a sweet life with her?
Did you send the day with her to convey love?
If she had lost to grabra then, could she be with her?
Did you spend the time being spoiled by a gentle girlfriend?
But it did not.
There is something that is next to him, and they exchange feelings and deepen the bond.
She laid her eternal vow.
… the journey will end soon.
“Marriage” declaration from “lover” before the final decisive battle!
It’s been a long time off with her…
Is the energy remaining until the climax of tomorrow?
Years: 2022
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