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Hajimete no Hitozuma 4

Hajimete no Hitozuma 4
Hajimete no Hitozuma 4

Coming soon: 2022/03/04

Hajimete no Hitozuma  初めてのヒトヅマ 第4話 ビッチな女子の恋愛相談

Healing bitch with motherhood
Fujisaki is singing to Tomomi Kawai while spending a sigh.
Fujimaki lamented the situation in which the voice was multiplied by the Kawai which easily made h with anyone.
However, Fujimaki talked about worrying before the high tension Kawai.
The content was that I was embarrassed by the shape of the female vessel that I saw at the first h with her, and I couldn’t do it.
Kawai, who was listening to the story, said that such a trivial problem would be solved once he did H.
Kawai stood up in front of Fujimaki that was not caught up with the sudden understanding of the woman.

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Years: 2022