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Inkou Kyoushi no Saimin Seikatsu Shidouroku 1 Preview

Inkou Kyoushi no Saimin Seikatsu Shidouroku
Inkou Kyoushi no Saimin Seikatsu Shidouroku

Story: Megumi Fujimiya is attracting attention as an onapet idol from school men.
Innocent school girls in the midst of youth who have just become lovers with the baseball club ace as a childhood friend.

There appears a life guidance teacher who has a mysterious Seikatsu guidance notebook that can change the perception of the other party.

“Fujimiya … Did you forget that students who have a lover must take” sexual activity guidance “as a compulsory subject?”

“I’m sorry … I forgot such an important thing !!”

Megumi, who was shown her notebook and changed her cognition, will be repaired in the infirmary by “sexual activity guidance” in which gene juice is poured into the uterus without a contraceptive, which is not as it is said in the depths. ―.

From now on, “raw breeding sex” … will be done!

Inkou Kyoushi no Saimin Seikatsu Shidouroku  OVA淫行教師の催眠セイ活指導録 #1 藤宮恵編

A jargon that seems to cover the screen! Characters with a flesh-filled body! Completely reproduce the extremeness of the production!

Years: 2022
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